Elephant Rock

A ten minute tuk tuk ride to the south will leave you with a twenty minute walk along another beautiful beach to reach Elephant Rock. The place has been named after one of the rocks on the point. It is a beautiful spot for a surf mission. This is the smallest of the three points, and you need a medium to large swell for the Rock to work at all. When the Point is 6 feet then Elephant Rock will be 3 feet. It is however a perfect wave for the beginner/intermediate or long board enthusiast. An imperfect take-off section over sand leads to a long wall that breaks right down the point for about 400 meters, much like inside Pottuvil point. Be sure to bring lots of water and make certain that your tuk-tuk driver returns to pick you up after a session. Otherwise it is a long walk back in the searing tropical sun.


Tides: The micro tides seem to have little effect on any of the waves in the area.


There is a beach/rock break in front of Aloha Cabanas, which can be fun on a Longboard if you don’t feel like walking more than one minute.