How to get to Aloha Cabanas

Let us know when you arrive at the International Airport in Negombo. You can also give us a call from Kandy or the Westcoast. We’ll send a taxi to pick you up. The amazing trip across the country takes about seven to ten hours (approx. 350km). You can see your first wild elephants, the mountains, waterfalls and eat a delicious curry on the way. Don't forget to have your camera ready and tell the driver to stop wherever you like. It's no problem to spend a night or two somewhere on the way and start your trip with a little sightseeing holiday.


There are also public buses. Ask around for the latest time schedules. There is limited transportation concerning board bags and you might have to share the seats with others.


For cabana reservations call ++94 (0)63 22 48 379 or write an email to