Visa requirements


For nationals of most countries, visas are issued on arrival for 30 days. Extension of Tourist visas are handled by the Department of Immigration and Emigration or at the Embassy of your country.




Sri Lanka follows decimal currency system in Rupees and cents. Change some money at the airport when you arrive. You can change your travel cheques at the bank. Pottuvil also has an ATM machine. There is no possibility to pay with credit cards at Aloha cabanas or most places in the area.




Bring your repellent since there are mosquitos around morning or evening time. We provide mosquito nets for sleeping.




Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim families live peacefully beside each other in Arugam Bay.




Make enquires at the doctor for the recommended vaccinations and bring your personal medicaments as needed.




November and December are often windy, but warm and it rains on and off.

January, February and March have a very agreeable though slightly humid climate.

During April and May the sun is at its Zenith, and it can get rather hot and humid. The season for surf starts.

In June, July, August, September and October the climate feels less hot and the air gets drier. This is contrary to the climate on the West Coast. The waves are now mostly steady for surf.

A couple of showers in September or October make the landscape green once again.